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Tsunami early alerting device


Tsunami Alerting Display

TAD (Tsunami Alert Display) automatically detects a rising wave and alert people on the nearby beach. The goal is to demonstrate that by measuring sea level at one specific location and analyzing this data in real time, it is possible to issue an alarm at an entirely different location.

The tsunami warning system consists of multiple components and modules, designed to respond in a timely manner to an imminent emergency.


TAD (Tsunami Alerting Display), in the absence of warnings, turns into an interactive panel, allowing the user to enter static and dynamic texts (scrolling effect from right to left) and view the temperature and atmospheric pressure parameters.


Any firmware updates will be managed remotely: the device receives and updates its operating system remotely, without the need for a system administrator to work on site on the panel.

Tsunami Alerting Display Tech SRL
Tsunami Alerting Display



The tsunami warning system consists of:


The warning system needs a few seconds (about 30 s) to process the data from the sensors and sonar. During processing, the control unit identifies and confirms the tsunami warning, excluding false alarms.

Once the tsunami warning is detected and confirmed, TAD will provide visual and audible feedback: a warning message will be displayed and the whole sound system will be activated at the same time.